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Which Delivery Apps To Make Money Are Best?

Delivery Apps To Make Money
What type of delivery do you want to do?

To start answering that question, lets ask a few different ones. What do you want to deliver? Do you want to deliver alcohol? Do you care to deliver heavy, bulky stuff? What hours do you want to deliver? Are you good at shopping? What size is your vehicle and is it capable of holding mixed packages?

Answer these questions and then you can begin to answer the question of which delivery apps to make money are best for you. Notice I said APPS, because I recommend running two at a time for most delivery jobs.

Lets start with the first question I posed... What do you want to deliver? People? That would be ride-share. Are you a people person? You have to be. Me? Not so much. I'm not interested in dealing with the public. This is an important question that needs answering. If the answer to this question is yes and you only want to deliver humans then obviously Uber or Lyft are the go-tos. If the answer is no, then read on...

Because you kept reading, you're obviously interested in more opportunities. As I said above, I'm not a people person so ride-share is not for me so that job is no bueno. For you however, it may be something you want to do, as well as deliver stuff that doesn't talk back. People are prickly enough in the two minutes it takes to drop off their food. I can't imagine a 15 minute ride-share, and YouTube is a hellscape of rides gone wrong...nah, I'm good.

Let's turn our attention to types of delivery jobs. Do you want to be in a highly structured environment like a corporate job receiving a paycheck or are you a free spirit with an entrepreneurial desire? If you want to work for a corporation then UPS, FedEX, or Amazon are all solid options. If you are looking for a career this is the way, as most smaller courier type companies have been/will be swallowed by the big three.

If you are the free spirit I think you are and you are an independent person that has the entrepreneurial drive, then the delivery on demand segment is for you...which opens up the next question...

What type of vehicle do you have? Note, I'm not asking you this because I'm going to suggest what type of vehicle to get. No, no,no! I don't advise buying a vehicle for the job unless you've done the work independently before. That's another discussion for another post.

If you have an SUV, pick-up or van, you will unlock more opportunities via Amazon, FedEX, UPS and smaller companies like GoPuff, etc. But you will still be able to affordably do food delivery/shop and pay orders with no problem. You can still do parcel deliveries with the big three out of your Toyota Corolla-you just wont be getting steady work or bigger money routes.

Okay, now we're at the jobs that anyone with any vehicle can do. These are the food delivery jobs. There are again, three big players - Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Door Dash. Pick one. For shear volume I recommend UberEats. They'll drive you nuts with the constant barrage of orders though, so be careful.

I preach this in other posts so I'll repeat it here. Always run two apps at a time if you're

serious about making money. I run both UberEats and Grubhub. They are two different companies with two different customer baes and they have different ad campaigns so you have double the chance of picking up orders wither on the way or on the way back.

These are by far the most independent of the delivery jobs available. These are also the most flexible. Whatever you choose of all these options, do it in tandem with more than one platform and make it your goal to always have at least one order with you at all times. Remember also when you're sitting and not moving you're not earning.

Happy Trails!

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