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Opening lines of communication between gig workers; both for themselves, and their retail partners

The first delivery I took a few years ago for UberEats was curious. I had just downloaded the app a day earlier and now I stared at the beckoning "GO" button.

I stared because I had no idea what was going to happen when I pressed that button. No one told me what to do. There wasn't an orientation class, I didn't sit in front of anyone and fill out tax paperwork. No one gave me a welcome packet with so much as an Uber sticker.

There were no unofficial employee "greeters" that you would typically meet in passing on your first day - you know, the ones who would always sarcastically give you the dirt on everyone in the office, or store, or site...wherever you happened to work.

Much to my chagrin, there was no one. At any time. Anywhere. The app turned out to be all of those people and my boss to boot.

And it did a poor job of all of them.

But this is the gig workers conundrum. We are left alone to figure things out - so we flock to YouTube and Facebook and a host of other social sites to help us. This is the way things are now.

I can't change the way things are, but I can change the way they're done. This is why drivebydriver was built. This site was designed with the gig worker in mind. It is designed to open lines of communication between drivers; to give help to each other and get help when needed. It's designed to educate our retail partners and their employees about our jobs, and thus be able to help us -help them.

We hope to do that by offering a platform where anyone can come exchange experiences and ideas along with catch up on the latest industry news, read the blogs, join the forum, or watch the videos.


The first day of my gig job was full of confusion, and trial and error. Error is minimized after trial, or simply by knowing what to do in the first place. The old saw that there's no substitute for experience is absolute. With the help of this site, you can speed up the learning curve.






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