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Hey Folks. This page is a free service for all peeps interested in finding work. Companies have either contacted us and asked for our help or we've been diligent and hard-working and found the jobs on our own.

If we have applied or know someone who has, we will relay the application process on to you, ie; how long was the application process (did they ever get back to us, and if so, how long did it take, etc.) If they are just saying they're hiring (but they're not and they're wasting your time) we let you know that too.

We list all relevant contact info or website link and we indicate the rank via the FFI (French Fry Index).

What can we say? It's UPS.
We would have given it a supersized fry but the online application want's TMI and if you don't choose the area they want then the page just leaves you hanging. I still don't know if they got all my info.

You can make around $20 an hour driving. My beef is it's not consistent. Work is sporadic and you never know the route you're going to have.
If you like knowing where you're going then you won't want to be going here.
No supersize for you.

Could be for bands, I suppose but it's not. Good for grocery delivery in short-haul situations. You could technically travel the country doing this but still inconsistent.
Good to have as a backup but don't quit your day gig...even if it's with a band.
Medium fry.

One of the early adopters in the pacage delivery business. You can make money with these guys.
My only dig is pickup locations are very limited, they're in half the states, and drivers are pretty happy - which means choice routes are hard to come by but they are taking on new drivers.
Drop a large fry on this one.
You can make money with these guys.

We add companies that are large enough to be more than regional. If we missed one that you think should be on the list, let us know. 

We do not include the usual food delivery gig companies on this list.

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