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Which Mileage Tracker App Is Best?

The best mileage tracker app is one that is simple, accurate - and best of all, FREE! There are many on the market. Some cost money, some offer limited features. Some have too many features. Stride offers a simple interface, easy on and off features, so easy you just turn it on and go.

Don't underestimate the power of simplicity. You're going to be dealing with enough stuff and people that complicate a simple job, you'll appreciate the little pleasures in life - like this one.

So, what's under the hood of the Stride app you ask? Stride has been offering this app to drivers for years and as far as I know it's what most drivers are using. That means they know what drivers want and how drivers operate, so they've been able to improve it over the years. It really is independent contractor centric.

Stride mileage tracker app
Detailed map

Besides the easy on/off feature, they also offer comprehensive mapping of everywhere you drive, everyday. That is a real, printable map showing physical lines where you drove as well as a list of beginning and ending addresses. Further documentary proof for IRS purposes.

Stride also offers detailed reporting of everyday business expenses, if you're using a particular credit card for your business you can tie it in to their system and the automatically add the deductions in for you.

Stride mileage tracker app
Detailed or summarized daily drive view.

They offer a nice roll-up feature that ties each category together and rolls it up into a report, accountant ready. If you do your own taxes this is a huge feature. Again, it's all about simplicity.

Stride mileage tracker app
Stride emails you a roll-up

Another great thing about them is they offer a one-stop shopping for medical insurance. But the best thing about using Stride is you can do all of this for free! Or only use which features you want. Need to just track mileage but don't want to track expenses with them...then don't. Don't care for the insurance, then don't get it.

Stride mileage tracker app
Cloud based backup

As far as estimated quarterly tax, it will even calculate it for you! It's one of the most useful apps on the market if you're using your vehicle for work. It's comprehensive, yet simple. You just forward all reports in industry standard formats to your accountant ahead of your visit and it cuts the time down from hours to minutes. And you leave with your year ending paperwork in hand and taxes done! It doesn't get much easier than this folks.

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