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Big Gig Wants You To Take Out Their Garbage. Just Say No.

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Famous quote by General Patton
General George Patton

This famous quote by General Patton comes to mind as I strategize my driving game. How can a four-star generals words be relevant to a drivers job? I'll translate it for you. No driver ever makes money by taking a two dollar run for ten miles. They make their money by making some other poor driver do it.

By refusing those runs, you force the algorithm compliant driver - who’s playing Big Gigs game - to accept it, thinking he's gunna be rewarded for it. It’s been my experience that it turns out to be just the opposite. They keep feeding garbage to those who keep eating it. Who or what is they? Usually there’s no human on the other end of your driver app. It’s an algorithm. And if it’s not - it’s no human I want to know.

Doesn’t make sense? When I turn on my driver and mileage apps, I do so freely and without any scheduling expectation. As part of that process I know I will not be offered the prime jobs. I take sloppy it were. I know that although Big Gig allows this and touts it as a benefit of working the gig job, they secretly look at me with disdain. I freely admit, and wear on my sleeve, the fact that I’m a self-confessed Cherry Picker.

Uber screen shot
Note the payout and mileage. Let someone else take this.

Since I’m not being offered prime runs, I’m not going to sabotage myself and accept any offer that helps the other guys blow past me. Who are the other guys? Certainly they’re Big Gig, and if you’re a driver reading this, its you too. No offense, but every driver doing gig work is responsible for their own money…whether they make it or lose it.

The bottom line is that this type of work requires the owner of the business (yes, you are an owner) to develop a strategy to be successful. It also requires that same owner to execute that strategy. This is one tactic I use and it works for me. I hope it helps you. What are strategies you employ? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy Trails

Do You Take Any And Every Offer?

  • Yes. I trust Big Gig.

  • No. I’m very selective.

  • Who is General Patton anyway?

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