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Delivery Palooza 2020

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Wall Street is dumping stock on Main Street like your hated neighbor’s unleashed Cane Corso unloads on your precious pansies. Kids are running the streets while their parents “telecommute” their way through an uncertain quarantine narrative that keeps getting pushed uphill like an old Dodge with failed brakes…

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With increasing frequency another business, sports team franchise, or super church announces cancellation of entire seasons or events or whatevs. The price of gas has seldom been cheaper (at least in the past ten years) and restaurants are announcing they are closing their doors for dine-in customers with unusual aplomb.

It’s all so weird and surreal. This is really happening. Streets are bordering on Walking Dead vacancy and parking (except at grocery stores) is appallingly plentiful. So why aren’t you making any money? Where is the much-heralded Deliverypalooza everyone keeps writing, talking, breathlessly reporting, and asking you about?

Much ado about nothing so far. In fact, people seem to be ordering less than they did a brief week ago.

Me has a theory about that…

Friday ended the workweek that saw Thursday with a mighty crash on Wall Street. The POLS breathlessly blamed (no pun intended) anything that dragged it’s knuckles at one time or another while we all waited for the grand solution.

It was a few short days ago that found the rest of us searching for answers…and toilet paper.

The toilet paper thing; I gotta be honest here, I don’t get it. I have yet to find someone who can explain it to me.

People haven’t adjusted to this thing yet. They’ve barely had a week. They’re just getting their groceries, making plans, settling in, etc., etc. The restaurants are adjusting as well. They’re adjusting schedules, figuring out their labor, and readjusting food orders. Supply chains have been interrupted, shelves emptied, and yes, toilet paper must be replaced on empty shelves throughout the country.


Things have been disrupted. Plain and simple. Be patient, drivers. We have the only gig in town…literally. Besides first responders and medical pros the driver is one of the only jobs in demand. That’s a good thing…and a bad thing.

Remember that Uber has lost about half its rideshare business with airports operating at near-zero capacity and teleworking going on and fears of infection in cars affecting the rideshare public as well. They have moved over to UberEats almost exclusively.

Let’s not forget the folks that suddenly find themselves without jobs because of entire industries being shut down. It’s real and it’s happening. These folks are going to be flooding the gig sector for maybe the first time…and they’re going to be competing for the few dollars available. But you’ve been at this for a minute – so advantage, you.

Just be patient. In the long run I believe this is a good thing for the industry. More eaters are going to be introduced to this business model for the first time. There are many people out there that don’t even know what UberEats or Grubhub is yet, but the longer this goes on, they will.

And those new drivers flooding the market? They’re gunna find out in a hurry that delivery and joyriding are two completely different things. And that’s a good thing…

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